I was born in Wilmington, NC at the unacceptably early hour of 7:42 AM. Ew. I began my artistic career at the tender age of three by gluing magazine cuttings of flowers to cardboard boxes and to this day use whatever is lying about that looks fun to create with.

I have a BFA in Studio Art from Appalachian State University where I won the Juror’s Selection Best Drawing award in Art Expo 2010 for a portrait of myself using a toilet. The following year was no less spectacular at Art Expo 2011, when I snatched Best Fiber Art in the Faculty and Student categories for a plush and cuddly life-sized sculpture of a roadkill deer- including intestines!!

I enjoy adventure, fun, romance and participate in a wide variety of collaborative projects including live painting, guerrilla gardening, zines, landscape design, public graffiti, art blogs, and social games.

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